Class Archives 4/30 – 5/3

April 30th – May 3rd


with Ashley

Learn the controversial definition behind what constitutes ‘Natural Wine’. We’ll touch on differences between organics, sustainability and biodynamics while sipping some of our favorite low-intervention wines.


May 1st

with Tara

Learn about the spirited side of wine: vermouth, Amari, and brandy with Fredericksburg expert, Tara. We’ll clarify the wide, vibrant world of grape-based drinks and discuss the best ways to enjoy them.


May 2nd

with Lucas

Demystify and discover the little-known wines we Somms rely on when we’re living on a less-than-Champagne budget: enter the Southern Hemisphere. We’ll sip on dry Australian Riesling and uncover the merits of New Zealand Pinot Noir, while exploring regions that offer the best value.



with Annie

Italy has over 300 indigenous varieties. We’ll take a deep dive into two native Italian grapes: Schiava and Carricante. Learn the best seasonal summer food pairings for Italian wines and discuss the history of preserving and identifying Italy’s numerous native grapes.


May 3rd

with Tony

Explore the wide, wide world of bubbles! Learn to distinguish between Cava, Prosecco, and true Champagne. Where do the bubbles come from, and what are the best ways to pair sparkling wines with food?


Class Archives

Take a look at our previous classes and recommended wines by our team of Sommeliers:

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